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I have a new Master Post!
Created for me by the wonderful kirasebi
The link is here: http://nishatara.livejournal.com/4190.html
Please send her lots and lots of love <3
Okay the community is moderated now because I have fic's for members only xD I don't have rules and I don't mind if you don't comment on the fic's (though it is nice) but if you want to join please leave a comment here or pm me and I'll accept you
thanks Kry

[JS] ARASHI - Wild At Heart SHOP (24)
 Hello, I'm back from my holiday (At least for four days i'm heading to Wales next Monday as my uncle brought me a ticket to the doctor who experience and when I mentioned I would be in Wales my friends there asked me to visit them for a few days and I agreed xD

Anyhoo...Now I have internet I wanted to show my new tattoos xD

Firstly my SakurAiba tattoo...We went with swifts for the birds for my grandparents and the two flowers for SakurAiba

And then my Ohno/Nino/Jun tattoo (With added SakurAiba in the butterflies)

My tattooist did them both for nothing and I'm incredibly happy with them, he's designing me a tattoo of merlin which I will have done when I go back again xD

Krys ^_^


Hello my dears! I know its weird for me to be posting on livejournal and not Dreamwidth now but I wasn't sure if all those that had sponsored Merlin's operation had followed me over.
I wanted to give you an updat on how that was going. The other day my vet decided that Merlin was finally ready to have the operation. It as a good thing too as he was already being damaged. Read more...Collapse )

Apr. 12th, 2017

Hello my lovely ladies :)

I've made a community over on Dreamidth which would be hosting all of my stories (The importing is still going on) and kirasebi and I will have to update the masterpost (Mostly her cause she's amazing at it and I suck >.< but I do love her dearly for doing it so patiently for me) but I've updated The Art Of flowers over there for now.

I know that this is a lot of hassle for us all. Honestly I would have prefered to keep using LJ but given the TOS I think that its easier to just must move over and not run the risk of losing all of the stories that I've put in so much time and effort in over the years. Hopefully once the shock has worn off and the newness settled down we'll find that its really not as bad as we think.

Link to the comm: https://krystalkatzficz.dreamwidth.org/

Krys ^_^

Apr. 10th, 2017

hello my dears!

Sorry for not posting today. I spent most of the day reading about Livejournal and the TOS and things and I like many others have decided to move over to dreamwidth. I am still trying to figure it out and waiting for my stories to be imported over (A task that seems to be taking forever but hmm...Its a lot of stories over a lot of years...I'm still not sure if it will carry over my community posts as well...)

But as it is I think that its safer for me to continue over over on Dreamwidth so here is the link for my account over there; https://krystalkatzfics.dreamwidth.org/

Hello! I'm sorry for being scatty again.

I had some interesting news the other day. I got a phone call from the DWP. They wanted to confirm my bank details. It seems that they have decided not to take me to the second tier tribunal! I still don't know when they are going to start paying me again all they said was that I would get a letter through with the details >.<

I genuinely can't believe it. I was expecting them to fight me to the last. Instead of making me feel better I started to cry and have been emotional ever since. I can't believe that it will soon be over.

I can't thank-you enough for all of your support in these last couple of months and for all of those that have financed my internet on paterion I wish that i could give you a huge hug and thank you all personally.

As I say I am still waiting for the full details but honestly it feels as though the end is in sight!




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